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Horizon Forbidden West - Volume 1

Sony Masterworks
Release Date: March 4, 2022

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Story Trailer | PS5, PS4
1 Whatever Comes (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)  
2 Aloy's Theme - Forbidden West (feat. Julie Elven)  
3 In the Flood (feat. Ariana Gillis)  
4 The World on Her Shoulders (feat. Julie Elven)  
5 Echo of You (feat. Melissa R. Kaplan)  
6 Unity  
7 Mother of All (feat. Julie Elven)  
8 Shelter from the Storm  
9 Built to Kill  
10 Rusted Sands  
11 Guardian of the Deep (feat. Julie Elven)  
12 No Footfalls to Follow  
13 Look Deeper (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)  
14 Trinity (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)  
15 As Certain as Stone (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)  
16 These Stones Unturned  
17 The Wings of the Ten (feat. Julie Elven)  
18 Second Chance  
19 This Place, This Moment (feat. Julie Elven)  
20 Resilience to Rise (feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)  
21 In the Flood (Lovisa's Version)  
22 A Promise to Uphold (feat. Julie Elven)  
23 Restless as the Weald  
24 The Trail We Leave Behind  
25 Edge of the Sundom  
26 A Steady Breath (feat. Julie Elven)  
27 Adrift  
28 Off the Trail  
29 Restricted Access  
30 Wither and Ache  
31 The Chorus  
32 Solace Beneath the Stars  
33 A Scattered Reflection  
34 Machine Made  
35 Figments of Time  
36 Riddles in Ruins  
37 Steel Bones  
38 Marvels Below  
39 By Choice, by Fate (feat. Julie Elven)  
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Sony Music Masterworks today releases the first volume of music from HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST, the recently released PlayStation® game and highly-anticipated sequel to 2017’s PS4™ release Horizon Zero Dawn. Available everywhere now, the album includes music by a team of composers consisting of JORIS DE MAN, THE FLIGHT, OLEKSA LOZOWCHUK and NIELS VAN DER LEEST. The first of an eventual three-part album release with more than 5 hours of music from the game, today’s release reunites the original team of composers and musicians from Horizon Zero Dawn who developed the tribal soundscape of the game’s post-apocalyptic setting. The composers recently sat down with Guerrilla Music Supervisor Lucas van Tol to discuss their scoring process – watch both interviews on the PlayStation Blog here. Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 consoles.

Today’s album is the first of new music from the game and will be followed by two additional album releases next month. The second album in the three-part collection, Horizon Forbidden West (Original Soundtrack – Volume 1 & 2), will be released in full Friday, March 11. The third and final soundtrack, Horizon Forbidden West (Original Soundtrack – Complete Collection) arrives Friday, March 25 and will include over 5 hours of music from the game.

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