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Valerie Milot

Revelation: Harp Recital


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Albeniz: Zaragoza - Valerie Milot harp/harpe
Cours de harpe 101 / 101 Harp Lesson
Old Friends - Hommage / Simon&Garfunkel
Cours de harpe 102 / 102 Harp Lesson
1 Concert Study in E flat minor  
2 Hindemith: Sonata for Harp I  
3 Hindemith: Sonata for Harp II  
4 Hindemith: Sonata for Harp III  
5 Renie: Marche funebre, Appassionata, Transfig.  
6 Ginastera: Milonga  
7 Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess  
8 Britten: Suite for Solo Harp / Overture  
9 Britten: Suite for Solo Harp / Toccata  
10 Britten: Suite for Solo Harp / Nocturne  
11 Britten: Suite for Solo Harp / Fugue  
12 Britten: Suite for Solo Harp / Hymn St. Denio  
13 Lizotte: La Madone  
14 Salzedo: Scintillation  
15 Albeniz: Spanish Suite No. 2  
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A talented and charismatic young artist; shimmering and mesmerizing sonorities; great works for harp by Ravel, Ginastera, Britten and Salzedo; a world premiere: Revelation, a new Analekta album featuring harpist Valerie Milot. Although the earliest harps we know about go back to Sumerian times, they were to remain rather unsophisticated until the 17th century, when Tyrolean instrument makers modified the tuning and added pedals, for modulation. This recital intends to illustrate the possibilities inherent in the instrument, its resonance, sonic volume and contrasts, as well as its particular effects.

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