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Valentina Lisitsa

Plays Philip Glass

Decca Records

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Valentina Lisitsa plays Philip Glass - What This Album Means To Me
Interview Valentina Lisitsa
Interview with Valentina Lisitsa at Piano City Napoli 2019
1 Glassworks: Opening
2 Truman Sleeps
3 The Poet Acts - arr. Riesman
4 Morning Passages - arr. Riesman
5 How Now
6 Something She Has To Do - arr. Riesman
7 I'm Going To Make A Cake - arr. Riesman
8 Olympian: Lighting of the Torch
9 Mad Rush
10 Dead Things - arr. Riesman
11 Tearing Herself Away - arr. Riesman
12 Wichita Sutra Vortex
13 Escape! - arr. Riesman
14 Choosing Life - arr. Riesman
15 The Hours - arr. Riesman
16 Metamorphosis One
17 Metamorphosis Two
18 Metamorphosis Three
19 Metamorphosis Four
20 Metamorphosis Five
21 Mishima: Closing
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Cutting-edge pianist meets trendsetting composer: Valentina Lisitsa, whose artistry has bewitched audiences around the world, is releasing a double album selection of works for solo piano by Philip Glass, whose brand of minimalism has made him one of the most influential composers of our time. Valentina Lisitsa plays Philip Glass (Decca) is a stunning collection of Glass's piano works, performed by Lisitsa with the grace and understanding of a true minimalist interpreter. 

25 NEW   31 TOTAL
SYND: Classical 24, CBC
Direct: Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Portland, Baltimore, Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Detroit, Canada
Online: Taintradio, ClassicallyHip

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