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Ukamusic feat Naomi Louise Warne and Jeff Oster

Song From MASH - A Tribute To Johnny Mandel

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1 Song From MASH - A Tribute To Johnny Mandel  

"Naomi didn't just study the music - she got to the insides of everything. She probably thought a lot like I did - like why did certain things sound a certain way? And what made them sound that way? It's very earnest get to the inside of that kind of music...It's a hard way to express it, but this lady did it. There's a great deal of depth in what you do, and I respect that a lot."  Johnny Mandell

Ukamusic is a new century world music collective created by Naomi Louise Warne that is spontaneous & ever changing - from the band members, style of music, artwork & fashion. The latest project "The Songs Of Johnny Mandel" features Grammy winner Charles Neville on saxophone. This was their final collaboration before Charles passed in 2018.

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