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Uele Lamore


Sony - XXIM Records
Release Date: February 18, 2022

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1 Intro  
2 The Dark  
3 The Creation  
4 The First Tree  
5 Breathe  
6 Currents  
7 Gene Pool  
8 Pollen  
9 Predation  
10 Dominance  
11 Warm Blood  
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Uèle Lamore has always explored music’s infinite possibilities. Been enraptured by the joy it can bring. Both elements have fueled the 27-year-old Franco-American artist’s curiosity and creativity as she’s deftly weaved a love of jazz, rock, indie, hip hop, trip hop, and classical music with conducting the London Contemporary Orchestra (LCO), experimenting with AI-generated sounds, and exploring modular, electronic, and synthetic elements. 

Fitting then that her debut solo album is titled LOOM. “I wanted to showcase different ways of approaching sounds and musical genres”, she says of the record’s genesis. “And that comes from a place of just loving music.”

LOOM was originally conceived back in 2019 as a series of rough, brooding sketches that leaned heavily on ambient electronica. But after Covid-19 shut down much of society, Lamore went back to her original recordings and decided to rework them. With one eye on the eventual return of concerts, “fun” was a watchword. So too “accessible”. “I really wanted a record that would be great to play live, as a band, and that could really connect with as many people as possible,” she says of the changes. “And I needed to do something organic.”

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