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Trio Mediaeval Interview
Trio Mediaeval Nomemus
Trio Mediaeval Live
Trio Mediaeval - The Little Child
1 Vespers Reponsory  
2 Jormin: Ama  
3 Ave rex angelorum  
4 Ecce quod natura mutat sua jura  
5 Smith: Ave maria stella  
6 Vespers Antiphon And Psalm I,II,III  
7 Smith: Ioseph fili David  
8 Smith: Ave regina caelorum  
9 Alleluia: A Newe Work  
10 Friman: Morgonljos  
11 Vespers Antiphon And Psalm IV / V  
12 Fammi cantar l'amor  
13 Vanberg: Gud unde oss her at leve sa  
14 Benedicti e llaudati  
15 Trio Mediaeval: Klokkeljom  
16 Special Antiphon  
17 Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro  
18 Fryd dig du Kristi brud  
19 Opheim: I Hamrinum  
20 Brooks: Vale dulcis amice  
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"Trio Mediaeval's knack of devising uniquely imaginative and stimulating programs makes their recordings irresistible."
- The Daily Telegraph

Trio Mediaeval offers a collection of music from the medieval to the modern with the group's sixth ECM New Series release, Aquilonis, titled after the North Wind. One can sense a reference in that title to the Nordic roots of the three Scandinavian singers, as well as to the bracing purity of their voices; moreover, the album's repertoire travels from Iceland to Italy, from north to south like the Aquilonis wind. Trio Mediaeval re-imagines Icelandic chant and early Italian sacred songs, along with performing custom arrangements of timeless Norwegian folk melodies – with the vocalists often accompanying themselves with textural instrumentation. The group also sings 15th-century English carols, as well as contemporary works written by the Swede Anders Jormin, American William Brooks and Englishman Andrew Smith. The trio's own composing can be heard in a sequence of atmospheric interludes. In his liner notes to Aquilonis, John Potter aptly describes the group's ability to "create a synthesis of sound and atmosphere… history and geography blending seamlessly."

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