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Timo Andres

The Blind Banister

Release Date: March 22, 2024

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1 The Blind Banister_Sliding Scale  
2 The Blind Banister_Ringing Weights  
3 The Blind Banister_Coda_Teneramente  
4 Colorful History  
5 Upstate Obscura_Valley of Strange Shapes  
6 Upstate Obscura_Mazes and Mirrors  
7 Upstate Obscura_Vanishing Point  
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Nonesuch releases composer/pianist Timo Andres’ The Blind Banister on March 22, 2024. The album comprises three works by Andres: the composer’s third piano concerto, The Blind Banister, with Andres as soloist, and Upstate Obscura for chamber orchestra and cello, with soloist Inbal Segev—both of which feature Metropolis Ensemble and conductor Andrew Cyr—and the solo piano piece Colorful History, also performed by the composer. The third movement of Upstate Obscura, “Vanishing Point,” is available today.

The Blind Banister was written for pianist Jonathan Biss to be performed alongside Beethoven’s second concerto. Andres says, “My piece is not a pastiche or an exercise in palimpsest. It doesn’t quote or reference Beethoven. There are some surface similarities to his concerto (a three-movement structure, a B–flat tonal center) but these are mostly red herrings. The best way I can describe my approach to writing the piece is: I started writing my own cadenza to Beethoven’s concerto, and ended up devouring it from the inside out.” The piece was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2016.

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