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Thomas Larcher

The Living Mountain

Release Date: October 6, 2023

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1 The Living Mountain - Introduction  
2 At first, mad to recover the tang of height  
3 As I reach the highest part of my dark moor  
4 In September dawns I hardly breathe  
5 Once, on a night of such clear silence  
6 Further up, is all snow  
7 Allegretto  
8 Allegro infuriato  
9 Adagio ma non troppo  
10 Plinius sagt  
11 Die roten Flecken  
12 Wenn die Blitze herabfuhren  
13 Gleich einem Hund  
14 Am 8.Mai 1927  
15 Mitten im Schlaf  
16 Venezianisches Wachspraeparat  
17 Es heisst dass Napoleon  
18 Aus dem Vorderschiff des Gehirns  
19 Blaues Gras  
20 Zuletzt werden bloss soviel ueberbleiben  
21 So glitt ich lautlos  
22 Unerzaehlt - So wird, wenn der Sehnerv zerreisst  
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The Living Mountain, composed 2019-20, draws inspiration from Scottish poet and nature writer Nan Shepherd’s book of the same name. Having grown up in Tyrol and familiar with mountain landscapes, Larcher was taken by Shepherd’s unique approach to the topic in her memoir, and “how completely different it is from all the other literature touching upon this subject. There’s a particularly palpable connection between her introspection and the nature that surrounds her, the microscopic details that are elaborated in that context. Being able to identify with her writing as much as I did, reading the book turned into my own introspective journey and immediately sparked the musical connotations that I elaborate in my piece”.

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