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Thomas Hampson

Notturno - Songs by Richard Strauss

Deutsche Grammophon

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Thomas Hampson singt Notturno von Richard Strauss
Thomas Hampson- How Not to Fail At Opera
Thomas Hampson Voice Master Class / 2013
1 Richard Strauss - Zueignung, Op. 10, Nr. 1  
2 Die Nacht, Op. 10, Nr. 3  
3 Winternacht, Op. 15, Nr. 2  
4 Mein Herz ist stumm, Op. 19, Nr. 6  
5 Ach weh mir ungluckhaftem Mann, Op.21, Nr. 4  
6 Ruhe, meine Seele, Op.27, Nr. 1  
7 Heimliche Aufforderung, Op.27, Nr. 3  
8 Morgen, Op.27, Nr. 4  
9 Traum durch die Dammerung, Op.29.1  
10 Sehnsucht, Op.32, Nr. 2  
11 Das Rosenband, Op.36, Nr. 1  
12 Befreit, Op.39, Nr. 4  
13 Notturno, Op.44, Nr. 1  
14 Freundliche Vision, Op.48, Nr. 1  
15 Die heiligen drei Konige aus Morgenland, Op.56, Nr. 6  
16 Vom kunftigen Alter, Op.87, Nr. 1  
17 Und dann nicht mehr, Op.87, Nr. 3  
18 Im Sonnenschein, Op.87, Nr. 4  
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This year marks what would be the 150th birthday of the iconic composer, Richard Strauss, and to pay tribute, Deutsche Grammophon releases Notturno, songs by Richard Strauss performed by American baritone Thomas Hampson. Widely recognized as one of the premiere interpreters of German art song today, Hampson celebrates Strauss' 150th anniversary with several concerts in Europe and North America, along with a new production of the composer's Arabella which took place in April at the Salzburg Easter Festival. 

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