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Third Coast Percussion - Fields makes PublicRadio90's 'Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic'

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Genre Fluid Fridays on Classiclectic: Music exploration and discovery through the lens of classically-minded composers and musicians.  Explore beyond the horizon of classical music, Fridays on Public Radio 90, beginning just after 9:30am ET. 

This time we are packed with goodies of all instruments and voices!  Third Coast Percussion's collaboration with Devonte Hynes (a.k.a. Blood Orange, and his premiere classical compositions) are debuted on the program, from the album Fields. Grammy Award-winning, Chicago-based percussion quartet Third Coast Percussion teams up with influential, genre-defying multi-instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, singer, and composer Devont Hynes (aka Blood Orange) for an album of imaginative, evocative instrumental music created as the live soundtrack for choreography by the adventurous Hubbard Street Dance Chicago company.

The album's three works, all world-premiere recordings, represent Hynes's debut on disc as a classical composer. In Perfectly Voiceless, Philip Glass-style minimalism gives way to a catchy pop melody. There Was Nothing blends synthesizer sounds with bowed mallet percussion instruments and moments of meditative lyricism recall the music of Lou Harrison. The expressive harmonies within the gauzy textures of For All Its Fury point to Hynes' love of Debussy.

Third Coast arranged Hynes' music for its immense collection of diverse instruments and performed them on stage with the Hubbard Street dancers in Chicago and on tour. The Los Angeles Times praised Hynes' "lush score" and Third Coast's ability to summon "otherwordly sounds from a multitude of idiophones, drums and other devices." Chicago's New City Stage applauded Third Coast's "extraordinary performance" and "ceaseless river of sound."

We'll also enjoy A new take on Vivaldi's The Four Seasons will also premiere (with Luka Sulic, one of Two Cellos), Trumpeter Paul Merkelo has a new recording as well, called The Enlightened Trumpet, and music performed by the Black Oak Ensemble, part of a cantata in Doublespeak, music for orchestra and tape, and more!

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