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Oliver Wood Q&A with 303 Magazine

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The Wood Brothers are on a roll. Touring in support of their latest album "Live At The Barn" (2016), which was recorded from a show performed at Levon Helm's legendary Woodstock barn/venue in  New York, they're already moving on to the next big thing. The Wood Brothers' sixth studio album One Drop Of Truth is coming out on February 2, 2018. One Drop Of Truth is unique in the sense that The Wood Brothers now have their own record label and budget, allowing them to take their sweet time putting it together - and also granting them permission to be as experimental and creative as they please. No parameters, no restrictions - just pure, unadulterated Wood Brothers. Oliver Wood told us "it was the most fun they ever had recording an album."

The trio will be in town this weekend, where they're scheduled to play back-to-back sold out shows at the Ogden on Friday, December 1 and the Boulder Theater on Saturday, December 2. Oliver Wood took the time to talk to 303 Magazine about the band's liberating process of recording "One Drop Of Truth," the subconscious themes that have emerged from the tracks and why The Wood Brothers love coming (home!) to Colorado so much.   READ THE Q&A