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Nicolas Gombert - Missa Media Vita in Morte Sumus - The Hilliard Ensemble
1 Thomas gemma Cantuariae / Thomas cesus in Doveria
2 St. Thomas Honour We
3 Clangat tuba
4 Anna mater
5 Lullay, I Saw
6 O pulcherrima mulierum
7 There Is No Rose
8 Stella Caeli
9 Marvel Not Joseph
10 Ecce quod natura
11 Ave Maria, Mater Dei
12 Ah! My Dear Son
13 Sancta mater gracie / Dou Way Robin
14 Ah, Gentle Jesu
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Having recorded more than 20 albums for ECM since the mid-'80s, the Hilliard Ensemble caps its sublime discography before retirement with a final release: Transeamus: English Carols and Motets, a collection of polyphony – in two, three and four parts – from the 15th-century. The album's main title translates as "we travel on," fitting as a nod of goodbye from one of the most venturesome and beloved of classical vocal groups. Also fitting is the fact that this British vocal quartet's very first recording included music from the court of Henry VIII, so Transeamus brings their odyssey through the ages full circle. The album includes many of the group's favorite pieces from this era, including previously unrecorded items from its concert programs by the likes of John Plummer, Walter Lambe and William Cornysh. More of the album's works are by composers rendered anonymous by time, yet all of this music is rich with enduring personality.

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