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The Gurdjieff Ensemble, Levon Eskenian


Release Date: October 13, 2023

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1 Pythia  
2 No. 10  
3 Sayyid Chant and Dance No. 41  
4 Introduction and Funeral Ceremony  
5 Oriental Dance  
6 Kankaravor Enker (Friend of Talents)  
7 Dard Mi Ani (Do Not Fret)  
8 Thirty Gestures  
9 Prayer and Despair  
10 Sayyid Chant and Dance No. 42  
11 Ashkharhes Me Panjara e (The World Is a Window)  
12 Trembling Dervish  
13 Zartir (Wake Up)  
14 The Great Prayer  
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A new program and album recorded, to be released on ECM Records in 2023:   “Zartir”, the title of a song from Paghtasar Dpir, a 17th century Armenian poet and musician, means to wake up from your royal slumber. This new program, from the Gurdjieff Ensemble, includes new arrangements of G.I.Gurdjieff’s movements in music, hymns and prayers, as well as culturally significant songs from across three centuries: the Armenian poet and musician Paghtasar Dpir, (17th century), and the ‘ashoughs’ [troubadours] Sayat Nova (18th century) and Jivani (19th century).

Parajanov’s landmark film “The Color of Pomegranates” is based on Sayat Nova, a major troubadour from the 18th century. His works are largely secular, full of romantic expressionism and philosophical themes; his influence cannot be understated, having spread through some of the greatest artists in the Caucasus for centuries. Composing in three languages, after his fame spread, Sayat Nova was summoned to the Court of Heracles II, the King of Georgia in the 18th century, who placed him in the service of the Court as Royal Musician and Poet.

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