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The Fraternity interviews with Spokane Public Radio

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Interview with Spokane Public Radio's - Jim Tenevan

The Fraternity – an international community of young priests that includes some of today's most skilled and committed singers of Gregorian chant –presents ancient melodies anew, on the album Requiem, released by De Montfort Music/Sony Classical. Requiem was recorded by two of the top talents working in classical music today: multiple Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher Alder and engineer Brad Michel, also a Grammy winner. The executive producers of Requiem are Kevin and Monica Fitzgibbons of De Montfort Music, which has helped cultivate a new audience for ancient choral music by developing several chart-topping albums of chant. This latest recording transfigures the sound of mourning and remembrance into something mystical and beautiful, inspiring a feeling of hope in the cycle of life and an embrace of the eternal through the gift of meditative song. Requiem is a uniquely curated presentation, comprising 20 tracks of sublime melody, mostly monophonic Gregorian chant but concluding with the lush sound of polyphonic motets by the great 16th-century Italian composer Palestrina and a less well-remembered 18th-century composer, Giovanni Battista Martini, one of Mozart's teachers.

Spokane Public Radio's Jim Tenevan spoke with Fr. Akers & Fr. Huang about the recording. Listen to the attached interview.