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The Bridge: Bio

A unique rock band that combines various elements of blues, folk, funk and bluegrass throughout their entire repertoire. From their gritty and grand live performances, as well as through their poignantly hand crafted albums, THE BRIDGE has become one of the most popular bands to hail from the Mid-Atlantic region.

Featuring guitar, mandolin, saxophone, bass, drums and vocal percussion, THE BRIDGE offers up a sophisticated yet approachable musical experience, one that is sure to move your feet, as well
as your soul.

Cris Jacobs - Guitar/Vocals
Kenny Liner - Mandolin/Vocal Percussion
Dave Markowitz - Bass/Vocals
Patrick Rainey - Sax
Mike Gambone - Drums

1 Get Back Up  
2 Angelina  
3 14 Days  
4 Bad Locomotive  
5 Easy Jane  
6 Shake'em Down  
7 Country Mile  
8 Further Roam  
9 Flats of Old Avenue  
10 Chains  
11 The Ballad of Clear Rock  
12 Brother Don't  
The Bridge: Easy Jane: 8/29/07: The 8x10: Baltimore, MD
The Bridge - Angelina - 11-23-2011
The Bridge - 14 Days - 10.17.08
The Bridge - Bad Locomotive then Drop the Beat

Baltimore-based grassroots phenoms The Bridge have emerged as one of the East Coast's best young bands. Their steady, organic rise, national touring, and devoted fan-base, augments their veteran status on the Summer festival circuit and new record deal with HYENA Records.

7 New 'ON' 51 'Total Stations/Shows'
etown, UnderCurrents
Markets include: Los Angeles, Boston, Minneapolis, Houston, Cleveland, Portland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, Louisville, San Antonio
Canada: Ontario, New Brunswick

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