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1 Arm Chair Physicist  
2 Sucking Chest Wound  
3 Brianna  
4 Where's The Victim?  
5 I'll Miss Her  
6 MRI  
7 Like A Said Cap  
8 There Was A Loud Crash  
9 Please Don't  
10 Tara, She's Missing  
11 Synchronic Is The Needle  
12 First Dose  
13 Brain Damaged  
14 Ice Age  
15 Observation  
16 Tara  
17 We'll Leave  
18 Search Party  
19 Don't Be Late  
20 Same Door Home  
21 Why Didn't You Tell Me?  
22 War  
23 Shoot The Both Ya  
24 Always  
25 Synchronic  
26 Synchronic Credits  
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Milan Records announces the release of SYNCHRONIC (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by The Album Leaf.  Available everywhere now, the album features music from the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller by filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, which is streaming on all platforms from XYZ Films. The 26-track record etches an immersive soundscape underpinned by synth transmissions, organic strings, artful experimentation, and moments of cathartic energy. It runs the gamut of everything from sonic euphoria to mania as turbulent as the action on-screen. It also builds on an ironclad creative partnership between The Album Leaf and the directors as their third collaboration.

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