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Terence Blanchard

The Woman King

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: September 9, 2022

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Choices Webisode 1: Evolving | Terence Blanchard
Amplify with Lara Downes
1 A Sharks Tooth  
2 Agojie Its War  
3 Agojie Return  
4 Agojie Training Montage  
5 Blood of Our Sisters  
6 Choosing Agojie for the Oyo  
7 Coronation  
8 Dahomey at a Crossroads  
9 Enemy Village  
10 Entering Palace  
11 Final Test  
12 I Have to Try to Save Her  
13 Keep Rising [The Woman King]  
14 Malik and Santo Enter Abomey  
15 Malik Arrives  
16 Mother Will You Dance  
17 Nawi and Izogie (Part 1)  
18 Nawi and Izogie (Part 2)  
19 Nawi and Malik  
20 Nawi Learns the Truth  
21 Nawi Trains Alone  
22 Oyo Battle  
23 Oyo Warriors to the Village  
24 Palm Oil  
25 Road to Abomey  
26 Sometimes a Mouse Can Take Down an Elephant  
27 Stronger Warriors  
28 The Blade of Freedom  
29 The Final Battle  
30 The Kings Entrance  
31 The Oyo Arrive  
32 The Woman King  
33 There Will Be No Prisoners  
34 Through the Jungle  
35 To Be Great You Must Focus  
36 To the Vector  
37 Traditional Benin Song (from The Woman King)  
38 Tribute to the King  
39 We Bring Tribute  
40 Whiskey for Izogie  
41 With One Purpose  
42 You are Called to Join the Kings Guard  
43 You Fought Well  
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Milan Records today announces THE WOMAN KING (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) and shares an original vocal track “KEEP RISING” ahead of the album’s release on September 16. Available everywhere now, “KEEP RISING” was written by singer-songwriter JESSY WILSON alongside JEREMY LUTITO as the end credits theme to TriStar Pictures’ upcoming action drama, which is the remarkable story of the Agojie, the all-female unit of warriors who protected the African Kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s with skills and fierceness unlike anything the world has ever seen. Recorded as a duet between Wilson and “Africa’s premiere diva” ANGÉLIQUE KIDJO, who compliments Wilson’s soulful vocals with her traditional African melodies, “KEEP RISING” is a powerfully inspiring and uplifting song that captures the bravery and spirit of the onscreen warriors.

Of today’s track, The Woman King director GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD says, “An end title song is so important because you are curating the emotional end for your audience as they leave the theater. Jessy and Angélique have given us an incredible song that gets me incredibly hyped and inspired. Our film is a period piece, and ‘Keep Rising’ lyrically and sonically gives us an incredible bridge to the present. It is also a beautiful meld of cultures, most notably the culture of Benin where our incredible warriors are from. It is the perfect last flourish for The Woman King.”

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