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Taisei Iwasaki, Ludvig Forssell, Yuta Bandoh

Belle - English Version

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: January 21, 2022

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Lend Me Your Voice (English Version)
1 U – millennium parade, Belle*  
2 Whispers – Kylie McNeill*  
3 Slingshot – Miho Hazama, Taisei Iwasaki  
4 Memories of a Sound – Taisei Iwasaki  
5 Blunt Words – ermhoi*  
6 Gales of Song – Belle*  
7 Fleeting Days – Ludvig Forssell  
8 Swarms of Song – Belle*  
9 Alle Psallite Cum Luya – Ryoko Moriyama  
10 Fama Destinata – Belle*  
11 Dragon – Yuta Bandoh Justin – Yuta Bandoh Unveil – Yuta Bandoh  
12 Justin - Yuta Bandoh  
13 Unveil - Yuta Bandoh  
14 Digital Ripples – Ludvig Forssell  
15 Dragon’s Lair – Yuta Bandoh  
16 Lend Me Your Voice (draft) – Kylie McNeill*  
17 Social Warfare – Ludvig Forssell  
18 Assault - Yuta Bandoh  
19 Lend Me Your Voice – Belle*  
20 #UnveilTheBeast – Ludvig Forssell  
21 Authority and Arrogance – Ludvig Forssell  
22 Scorching the Façade – Yuta Bandoh  
23 The Truth Obscured – Ludvig Forssell  
24 Lend Me Your Voice (humming)  
25 Distrust – Ludvig Forssell  
26 A Million Miles Away – Belle*  
27 Pieces of the Puzzle – Ludvig Forssell  
28 Faces in the Rain – Kylie McNeill*  
29 Skies of Song – Ludvig Forssell, Kylie McNeill*  
30 A Million Miles Away (reprise) – Belle*  
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Milan Records releases BELLE (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK – ENGLISH EDITION), an English language version of the Original Soundtrack to Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda’s latest feature. Available everywhere now, the album features both score and vocal tracks written by a team of composers led by Taisei Iwasaki and including Ludvig Forssell and Yuta Bandoh. Originally written and performed in Japanese, the album’s vocal tracks have been newly recorded in English by Kylie McNeill, who voices ‘Belle’ in the English dubbed version of the film. Today’s album follows the massive success of the original Japanese Edition of the soundtrack, which has garnered over 20 million streams globally since its July 2021 release. Also premiering alongside today’s album are official music videos for English vocal tracks “U,” “Lend Me Your Voice” and “A Million Miles Away” featuring lyrics and footage from the film.

The album’s arrival coincides with the US debut of the Studio Chizu film, which is set to open theatrically and on IMAX screens in both its original Japanese language and English dubbed version on Friday, January 14 via GKIDS, the acclaimed producer and distributor of animation for adult and family audiences.

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