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BIWAKO -TAEKO the songbird at CD Release Show in NYC
Taeko Fukao - One Love
Taeko Live In New York 2011
1 Cantaloupe Island  
2 I Mean You  
3 Soochow Serenade  
4 Inner City Blues  
5 On A Clear Day  
6 Spring Nocturne  
7 Infant Eyes  
8 Biwako  
9 Sugar  
10 I Didn't Know About You  
11 Stand  
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Finding one's own voice in jazz has long been a prerequisite for making a mark in this most creative music, which demands originality over imitation and values imagination over replication. This daunting task -- always an intimidating undertaking for all but the most gifted -- has become even more difficult today, as the art form has continued to grow and broaden it landscape. The road to distinction is arguably even more arduous for vocalists, as the number of performers who have successfully sang their way into the pantheon of jazz greats pales in comparison to the large quantity of instrumentalists who have played their way to the top. For a singer born in a far-off country and raised speaking a foreign language the mission seems nearly impossible, one to be undertaken by only the most dedicated of artists.

TAEKO is such an artist.

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