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Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Various Composers

Alan's Fantasy

Signum Classics
Release Date: April 29, 2022

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Sizzle Reel
New World Order
the team behind the making of New World Order.
Trailer, Orchestral Version of New World Order
The making of Teleportation from composer's studio
Boy Scientist
1 ALAN Song  
2 Jungle Song  
3 Origins  
4 Life on the Shelf  
5 Off to College  
6 Companion Friend  
7 Timeless  
8 Ode to ALAN  
9 Synthetic DNA  
10 Synthetic Me  
11 New World Order  
12 Evil Professor  
13 Boy Scientist  
14 Tribal Bushman Song  
15 Teleportation  
16 Fantasise  
17 La Fantaisie d'ALAN  
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Welcome to ALAN’s Fantasy?themed on a future companionship between Human ?and Inanimate, inspired by an evolving landscape of companionship in society, driven by a confluence of two forces, longevity and loneliness on the one hand, and disruptive new technologies on the other

At this intersection of technology and humanity, intelligent inanimates have emerged as a new breed of companions, which may one day achieve a level of sophistication that approaches human level artificial general intelligence.  This challenges and blurs the lines between what is life and what is non-life, a discussion that has opened up beyond the confines of medicine.  

Who is ALAN ? The plush Inanimate companion of a college student Christina, embedded with a soul in its cotton body suit, from a baby lion that was killed in the Jungles of Tanzania.

Our objective, as Creators of ALAN, is to start a conversation around artificial (synthetic) life, with participation from artists, musicians,  physicians, politicians, psychologists, scientists, philosophers, engineers and more, through our music : both the orchestral Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra, which was released on 27th April 2021 on Signum Records, and through the lyrics of 16 individual songs and La Fantaisie d’ALAN, housed in this album, ALAN’s Fantasy.

It is hoped that the music of ALAN may inspire a more positive view to the coming age of social robots, embodied AI systems, and soul machines as companions of the future. We hope you enjoy the songs in this album, and if so inspired, you may perhaps want to listen to the orchestrated versions in the partner album, Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra.

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