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Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Manu Martin

Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano & Orch.

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The ALAN Song
The ALAN theme song - how it all began
New World Order
The Making of Teleportation in the Lim Fantasy
1 Overture  
2 Jungle Song  
3 ALAN Song  
4 Transition to Origins  
5 Origins  
6 Life on the Shelf  
7 Transition to Companion Friend  
8 Companion Friend  
9 Off the College  
10 Timeless  
11 Transition to Ode to ALAN  
12 Ode to ALAN  
13 Synthetic DNA  
14 Transition to New World Order  
15 New World Order  
16 Evil Professor  
17 Transition to Boy Scientist  
18 Boy Scientist  
19 Tribal Bushman Song  
20 Transition to Teleportation  
21 Teleportation  
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Society currently finds itself at an intersection of technology and humanity as physical forms embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems fulfil an urgent need for previously unimaginable companions, such as robot caregivers, to address the twin challenges of longevity and loneliness. 

It is precisely this concept of an inanimate-human companionship that pioneer surgeon Dr Susan Lim, together with her project Co-Creative Director, Dr Christina Teenz Tan explore in the ‘Lim Fantasy of Companionship' for Piano & Orchestra, composed by Manu Martin and released on 23rd April 2021 on Signum Records.  Recorded in November 2019 at Abbey Rd Studios, the Lim Fantasy draws its inspiration from fifteen original songs composed for a proposed musical, ‘ALAN'.  It unfolds the story of an inanimate, ‘ALAN' and the journey of its soul, twice teleported, from an animate to inanimate and ultimately into a human being.  The Fantasy is brought to life through the performance of acclaimed pianist, Tedd Joselson alongside the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Arthur Fagen, together with solo electric guitar, solo voices and choral ensemble, London Voices.

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