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Steve Tibbetts

Hellbound Train

Release Date: July 1, 2022

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1 Full Moon Dogs  
2 Chandoha  
3 Lochana  
4 Black Temple  
5 Burning Temple  
6 Glass Everywhere  
7 Roam And Spy  
8 Hellbound Train  
9 Nyemma  
10 Your Cat  
11 Vision  
12 Chandogra  
13 Climbing  
14 Black Mountain Side  
15 Start  
16 100 Moons (excerpt)  
17 Mile 234 (excerpt)  
18 Wish  
19 Ishvarana  
20 Bloodwork  
21 Life Of Someone  
22 Life Of Emily  
23 The Big Wind  
24 Aerial View  
25 Night Again  
26 My Last Chance  
27 End Again  
28 Threnody  
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Steve Tibbetts: guitars, dobro, piano, kalimba, percussion; Marc Anderson: congas, percussion, gongs, steel drum, handpan; Michelle Kinney: cello, drones; Jim Anton, Eric Anderson, Bob Hughes: bass; Mike Olson: synthesizer; Marcus Wise: tabla; Tim Weinhold: vase, bongos; Claudia Schmidt, Rhea Valentine: voice (collective personnel)
Recordings 1981-2017

ECM 2656/57 2CD: 6024 4557480 3 Release: 1. Juli 2022

A question for Steve Tibbetts

Hellbound Train is a double album anthology drawn from your work on ECM. What was the criteria for inclusion? How did you select the pieces? Is this The Best Of Steve Tibbetts?

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