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Stephen Marchionda

Granados - La Guitarra Poetica

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STEPHEN MARCHIONDA - La guitarra po?tica
1 Granados - Galante - Minueto
2 Granados - Oriental
3 Granados - Fandango o Danza gallega
4 Granados - Villanesca
5 Granados - Andaluza
6 Granados - Ronadalla aragonesa - Jota
7 Granados - Valenciana
8 Granados - Danza Triste - Melancolica
9 Granados - Arabesca - Bolero
10 Granados - La Maja de Goya
11 Granados - El Mirar de la Maja
12 Granados - 12 Ochos valses poeticos
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The new release from Stephen Marchionda, "La guitarra poética", celebrates Enrique Granados' 150th anniversary with adventurous transcriptions for guitar taken from the composer's original piano music. During his lifetime Granados was highly valued for the poetry of his compositions, and Marchionda, honors this aspect with personal and virtuostic arrangements for guitar which breathe the poetic spirit. The guitar holds a special place in Spain, so not surprisingly it's imitated repeatedly in the original piano version of Danzas españolas. Especially impressive is the dazzling intensification of Rondalla aragonesa which culminates in wild rasgueados that embrace flamenco. Marchionda's renderings create an impressive authenticity and an illuminating link to Granados' interest in Spanish folkloric music.

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