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Natural One
Theron's Cha Cha Cha
Something in the Way
No Scrubs
Get That Money

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Valley of the Boom

Valley of the Boom explores the dot-com era during Silicon Valley's unprecedented tech boom of the 1990s and subsequent bust. The six-part limited series tells the wildly true stories of the epic browser wars and the companies that shaped the internet.  Starring Bradley Whitford, Steve Zahn, Lamorne Morris, John Karna, Dakota Shapiro, Oliver Cooper and John Murphy, Valley of the Boom makes its debut on National Geographic Sunday, January 13.  

Created, directed and executive produced by Matthew Carnahan, Valley of the Boom is National Geographic's newest American docudrama which premiered on Sunday, January 13. 

Each of the tracks on this 5-song EP (Music from Valley of the Boom) were created specifically for the show. The "Natural One" cover is performed by Blondfire – For this song NatGeo/STX wanted a cover of the classic ‘90s song by Folk Implosion included in the first episode of the series. Another track found in the first episode is "Theron's Cha Cha" created by producer Neff-U (aka Theron Feemster). We needed something that sounded similar to a cue you'd find in a ‘60s film to bring light, playful energy to an quite dark scene where con-man David Kim Stanley is reading a letter he wrote to his ex-wife. The song plays in the background as David Kim Stanley reads the letter in voiceover while doing an interpretive dance with a female dancer. We close out the first episode with a Nirvana cover of "Something In The Way" performed by the talented Justine Bennett. 

Another cover by Justine Bennett was created for Episode 2 - this one being TLC's "No Scrubs." This cover brings a comedic element to the David Kim Stanley storyline, as he's set his sights on Sheila - a woman from his church (who will later become his wife). 

In Episode 4, we see two of our protagonists strike big on their company's first day on the stock market. Their company, valued at $9/share ends up selling for over $90/share and we end the episode with an epic flash mob scene and the custom-created song by LBC "Get That Money" plays. This song was created to elicit the same type of feeling a classic ‘90s boy-band song does.