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1 Prologue  
2 The Feeling We Once Had  
3 Tornado  
4 He's the Wizard  
5 Soon As I Get Home  
6 You Can't Win  
7 Ease On Down the Road  
8 Slide Some Oil to Me  
9 I'm a Mean Ole Lion  
10 Be a Lion  
11 So You Wanted to See the Wizard  
12 What Would I Do If I Could Feel  
13 We Got It  
14 Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News  
15 A Brand New Day  
16 Y'All Got It  
17 Believe in Yourself  
18 Home  

Description: C:\Users\lslezak\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\TheWiz-1500_final cover.jpgSony Music Masterworksand Broadway Records will release the original soundtrack of the NBC Television event "The Wiz LIVE!" soundtrack which features the well-known hits "Ease on Down the Road," "A Brand New Day" and "Home," plus the new song "We Got It." Written by Grammy Award winners, NE-YO, Harvey Mason Jr. and Stephen Oremus with Elijah Kelley, "We Got It" will be performed in the broadcast by cast members NE-YO and Kelley, along with Shanice Williams, David Alan Grier and The Wiz ensemble. The single "Home" performed by Williams will be available digitally on November 27. "The Wiz LIVE!" soundtrack will be released via all digital service providers (download and streaming) December 11, followed by the CD on December 18.

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