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The Walk

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1 Porquoi  
2 Young Phillipe  
3 Two Loves  
4 The Two Towers Notre Dame  
5 It's Something Beautiful  
6 Spy Work  
7 Full Of Doubt  
8 Time Passes  
9 The Arrow  
10 We Have A Problem  
11 The Walk  
12 I Feel Thankful  
13 They Want to Kill You  
14 There Is No Why  
15 Perhaps You Brought Them To Life  
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Alan Silvestri has scored some of the most iconically revered and profitable films in Hollywood history, amassing over a hundred credits to the tune of two Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, as well as three Grammy awards. While stylistically diverse, the unifying voice of Alan's work is an unmistakable rhythmic melody whose themes continue to embody movie excitement and drama for generations of moviegoers. Silvestri has scored well over 100 films of every imaginable style and genre. His energy and experimentation has brought excitement and emotion to the (…) scores. The Walk is a new production of the decades long collaboration between Silvestri and filmmaker Robert Zemeckis. (…) no film partnership defines their creative relationship better than Zemeckis' 1994 Best Picture winner, "Forrest Gump", for which Silvestri's gift for melodically beautiful themes earned him an Oscar nomination and the affection of film music lovers everywhere. (Alan Silvestri Homepage)

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The Score, Sixty Second CD, Westwood One
Direct: Music Choice, Stingray, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Portland, New Orleans, Detroit, San Antonio, El Paso, Long Is. NY, Canada
Online: Humboltdt 101, Live 365, GURU, Taintradio

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