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The Book of Love

Sony Masterworks

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'The Book of Love' Trailer - Justin Timberlake Scores - Entertainment Tonight
1 One of Those Stories  
2 Temerity  
3 So  
4 It's Just Its Nature  
5 She Likes the Rain  
6 I Designed It  
7 T-Bup  
8 The Shit  
9 That We Matter  
10 Pajamas  
11 I'm Sorry  
12 The Journal  
13 Wink and a Mug  
14 The Detritus  
15 As Dreamers Do  
16 The Munchies  
17 As Dreamers Still Do  
18 It's a Raft  
19 Treads  
20 The Ballad of David Pearlman  
21 Who Was That?  
22 A Phenomena  
23 The Whole World is Crazy  
24 Now We Just Need Some Help  
25 Really Something  
26 Like a Hurricane  
27 She Was...  
28 The People that Left a Mark  
29 The Book of Love (performed by The Shadowboxers)  
30 We'll Make It  
31 It's Just Our Story  
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Sony Masterworks proudly announces the release of THE BOOK OF LOVE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring music composed by Justin Timberlake and Mitchell Owens. The soundtrack is available January 13 and the movie opens in theatres the same day. Directed by Bill Purple, The Book of Love also stars Mary Steenburgen, John Robichaux, Paul Reiser, and Orlando Jones. It was produced by Michelle Purple, Jessica Biel, Mike Landry, Carlos Velazquez and Chuck Pacheco, with music composed by Justin Timberlake. Bill Purple's drama The Book of Love, formerly known as The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, is presented by Electric Entertainment and opens in theaters on January 13.

 The Score, Sixty Second CD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Portland, Baltimore, New Orleans, San Antonio, Madison WI, Spokane WA, SC(Statewide), TX(Statewide)
INTER: Canada, Italy
Online: GURU, GreenArrow

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