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Summer in February

Deutsche Grammophon

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Summer in February - The Music [Benjamin Wallfisch]
1 Lamorna
2 Mirror
3 The Races
4 Painting
5 Proposal
6 Gilberts Theme
7 Florences Theme
8 AJs Request
9 Unaccountable
10 Wedding
11 Cyanide
12 Florences Hut
13 Art and Life
14 Final Kiss
15 The Storm
16 Aftermath
17 Gilbert Returns
18 Sirens Lullaby
19 Epilogue: Morning Ride
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The 2013 British film Summer in February is about a love triangle among artistic types in scenic Cornwall. Soundtrack composer Benjamin Wallfisch has come up with a novel twist utilizing Chinese pianist Yuja Wang, and his father Raphael Wallfisch. Now, the nameless musicians who labor in film-studio orchestras are probably among the more underrated figures in the music ecosystem, but Wang is one of the more exciting young pianists around, and you don't typically hear someone like her in this setting. She's the most prominent of the soloists, and the smoothness of her lines add emotional impact to the score. The music was also beautifully recorded. 

65 Total Stations
The Score, Sixty Second CD, Galaxie
Direct: Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Wash DC, Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Detroit, Portland, Berkeley CA, Long Is. NY, San Antonio, El Paso, Jacksonville FL, Columbus OH
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