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Star Wars-The Clone Wars

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Soundtrack - Battle of Christophsis
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Soundtrack - Anakin vs. Dooku
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Soundtrack - Battle Strategy
1 Main Title & A Galaxy Divided  
2 Admiral Yularen  
3 Battle Of Christophsis  
4 Meet Ahsoka  
5 Obi-Wan To The Rescue  
6 Sneaking Under The Shield  
7 Jabba's Palace  
8 Anakin vs. Dooku  
9 Landing On Teth  
10 Destroying The Shield  
11 B'omarr Monastery  
12 General Loathsom / Battle Strategy  
13 The Shield  
14 Battle Of Teth  
15 Jedi Don't Run!  
16 Obi-Wan's Negotiation  
17 The Jedi Council  
18 General Loathsom / Ahsoka  
19 Jabba's Chamber Dance  
20 Ziro Surrounded  
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The theatrical release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars - the first-ever animated feature from Lucasfilm Animation and the newest chapter in the ongoing Star Wars Saga - will be accompanied by a deluxe 67-minute soundtrack album package (with exclusive fold-out poster) that will be available at all physical and digital outlets starting August 12th through Sony Classical. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will contain the iconic main theme by John Williams, followed by more than 30 separate music cues composed by Kevin Kiner. Kiner is known for his work on such television series as Stargate SG-1, Star Trek: Enterprise, Superboy and CSI: Miami. Track titles (below) give a sense of the action and scope and characters of the new film.

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Markets include: New York, Houston, Long Island(NY), New Orleans, Orlando, San Antonio

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