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Mr Selfridge

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Mr Selfridge Series 4, starts Friday 8th January 9pm on ITV ITV
Jeremy Piven Talks About The Final Series Of Mr Selfridge | Good Morning Britain
1 Main Theme (From Mr Selfridge)  
2 The Beginning  
3 The Family Comes Home  
4 The Lift Girls  
5 Harry's Theme  
6 New Girl  
7 Ellen Love's Entrance  
8 Henri and the Sprinkler  
9 Lovely Day  
10 Harry Comes Home  
11 Mardle and Grove in the Bath  
12 Grandma's Advice  
13 The Rose  
14 The Aeroplane  
15 The Family Leaves  
16 Only Kidding  
17 Paint Me  
18 I Welcome Your Ideas  
19 Harry's Crash  
20 Miss Bunting  
21 The Casino  
22 The Colleano Blues  
23 The Dolly Sisters  
24 Biarritz  
25 The Sale  
26 Britain at Play  
27 My Lungs  
28 No Place For You  
29 A Fool  
30 A Proposal  
31 L'addition  
32 Lord Loxley  
33 The Boardroom  
34 Henri Remembers Verdun  
35 Our Place  
36 I Can't Marry You  
37 Henri and Agnes Leave  
38 The End  
39 Harry Gambles (Bonus Track)  
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The UK's flagship period drama is entering its fourth and final season, with weekly viewing figures of 4 MILLION! Following in a great line of successful British period dramas, including Downton Abbey and Poldark, Mr Selfridge is currently dominating the primetime schedules. For the first time, this 1 CD collection presents original music written for the show encompassing all four seasons, and recreates the emotion and drama of this wonderful series.

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C24, WWOne, 60 Sec CD, The Bill Miller Show, CBC
Direct: Music Choice, MOOD, Stingray
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Long Island, Canada
Online: Humboltdt 101

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