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Life of Pi

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1 Pi's Lullaby
2 Piscine Molitor Patel
3 Pondicherry
4 Meeting Krishna
5 Christ in the Mountains
6 Thank you Vishnu for Introducing Me to Christ
7 Richard Parker
8 Appa's Lesson
9 Anandi
10 Leaving India
11 The Deepest Spot on Earth
12 Tsimtsum
13 Death of the Zebra
14 First Night, First Day
15 Set Your House in Order
16 Skinny Vegetarian Boy
17 Pi and Richard Parker
18 The Whale
19 Flying Fish
20 Tiger Training
21 Orphans
22 Tiger Vision
23 God Storm
24 I'm Ready Now
25 The Island
26 Back to the World
27 The Second Story
28 Which Story Do You Prefer?
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Sony Music announces the release of Mychael Danna's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Life of Pi, a journey of adventure and a tale of personal discovery based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel.  The soundtrack recording of Life of Pi is available from Sony Classical. Life of Pitakes place over three continents, two oceans, many years, and a wide universe of imagination.  Director Ang Lee's vision, coupled with stunning 3D visuals, has turned a novel long thought un-filmable into a thrillingly audacious mix of grand storytelling and powerful and provocative themes.

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Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Houston, Portland, New Orleans, Long Is. NY, Orlando, San Antonio, Albuquerque, El Paso

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