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1 Don't Stop Me Now  
2 Let Me Down Easy  
3 My Girl  
4 Down By the Water  
5 This is Fuckin' War, Baby Interlude  
6 Strychnine  
7 16  
8 My Woman  
9 100,000 Baseball Bats Interlude  
10 Fur Hildegard von Bingen  
11 Under My Skin  
12 Dustbus  
13 Na Zare  
14 It's Bloody Nice Having a Friend Interlude  
15 Hard as Nails  
16 Caustic  
17 Won't You Come Over  
18 You Little Pussy Interlude  
19 For the Kill  
Hardcore Henry | Official Trailer | STX Entertainment

Sony Music Masterworks will release the soundtrack and score to STX Entertainment's much buzzed about, adrenaline-fueled action film Hardcore Henry, which hits domestic theatres nationwide on April 8th. Winner of the "People's Choice Award Midnight Madness" at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, and a Headline Premiere selection at the SXSW film festival, Hardcore Henry is an unflinchingly original, first-person action film where YOU are the main character, Henry. You have just been rescued from the brink of death by your wife, who is kidnapped moments later. You have no memory, and no idea why the people who took her want you dead.  Your mission is find her, solve the mystery of your existence & discover the truth behind your identity.

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Markets include: Philadelphia, Denver, Madison WI, Boulder, SC-Statewide, Canada, Spain
Online: GreenArrow, Jazz From Gallery 41

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