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Downton Abbey: The Ultimate Collection

Decca Records

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1 Downton Abbey The Suite  
2 Story Of My Life  
3 Love And The Hunter  
4 Preparation  
5 Such Good Luck  
6 Did I Make The Most of Loving You  
7 Damaged  
8 Violet  
9 I'll Count The Days  
10 Fashion  
11 Us And Them  
12 The Fallen  
13 Elopement  
14 New World  
15 A Dangerous Path  
16 Escapades 1  
17 A Glimpse Of Happiness  
18 A Grand Adventure  
19 Duneagle  
20 Not One s Just Desserts  
21 Life After Death  
22 Marmalade Cake Walk  
23 A Mother s Love  
24 The Hunt  
25 Nothing Will Be Easy  
26 Down in China Townton  
27 Escapades 2  
28 Brancaster  
29 Goodbye  
30 It's Not Goodbye It s Au Revoir  
31 The New Gladiators  
32 Modern love  
33 Ambassador Stomp  
34 The Butler And The Housekeeper  
35 Two Sisters  
36 End OF An Era  
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Coinciding with the U.S. premiere of the final season of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series Downton Abbey, Decca Records/Universal Music Classics releases Downton Abbey: The Ultimate Collection. The 2-CD set features musical highlights from all six seasons of the show. BAFTA and Ivor Novello Award nominee and 2-time Emmy award winner John Lunn composed the music that is such an integral part of the show, as well as played piano on soundtrack.The instrumental score is performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London, conducted by Alastair King, and features three vocal tracks.

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C24, The Score, Sixty Second CD
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, Stingray, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, Portland, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Canada
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