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The Lagos Music Salon

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Somi - The Lagos Music Salon - Album Teaser
Ndani Sessions - Somi "Ginger Me"


Interview with KPFK - Los Angeles: Betto Arcos
1 First Kiss: Eko Oni Baje
2 Love Juju #1
3 Lady Revisited (feat. Angelique Kidjo)
4 Ankara Sundays
5 Ginger Me Slowly
6 When Rivers Cry (feat. Common)
7 Brown Round Things
8 The Story of Monkey
9 Akobi: First Born S(u)n
10 Two Dollar Day
11 Still Your Girl
12 Four.One.Nine
13 Love Nwantinti (feat. In His Image)
14 Four African Women
15 Hearts & Swag
16 Love Juju #2
17 Last Song
18 Shine Your Eye
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Few contemporary albums bare as particular a narrative as The Lagos Music Salon. The new album by the superb chanteuse Somi, finds her breaking new ground with a hybrid style of music that organically integrates the essence of jazz and soul with the musical depth of her African heritage. "It's the first time ever that I put all other pursuits on hold to focus solely on the creative process," says Somi, who decided to move to Lagos, Nigeria from her New York home base without a game plan but with a passionate desire to find a new direction for her vision and voice. 

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