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Solomon Grey: Bio

London-based musical duo Solomon Grey comprises musicians Tom Kingston and Joe Wilson, who initially met in Wilson's hometown of Oxford. Bonding through their shared love of music, the duo soon started being creative together, drawing influences from James Murphy and Little Dragon. It wasn't until they made a move to the West Coast of Ireland, without the distractions of the city life in London, that they made music under the Solomon Grey moniker. After a while, Kingston decided to move to Australia but was soon to be followed by Wilson; they moved their studio equipment, too, and the pair would spend two years there writing and producing music and honing their sound. Upon their return to the U.K. in early 2013, the duo teamed up with the Black Butter label to release their debut single "Gen V" to critical acclaim, especially on British national radio station BBC Radio One. Its follow-up "Firefly" followed in late 2013. Aside from their main focus on the band, the pair also scored soundtracks for film and television with the The Wild Atlantic Way, a film created for Irish tourism, as well as the BFI feature film Gozo. Third single "Electric Baby" arrived accompanied by an interactive video created in conjunction with Google. The vocal work of Solomon Grey has been lent to a variety of projects, including U.S. deep house producer Lane 8 for his 2014 single "Diamonds."

1 Clouds
2 Sky
3 Redsky
4 Thirst
5 Hydrogen
6 Leaves
7 White
8 Moths
9 Steel - Nowhere
10 Monkey
11 Sapphire
12 Fields
13 Sand
14 Nighttime
15 Clouds
16 Water
Solomon Grey - The Last Post: Soundtrack (official teaser)
Solomon Grey - The Last Post: Soundtrack (official second teaser)

Written by BAFTA winner Peter Moffat and arriving stateside via Amazon Prime in 2018, the new BBC One military drama The Last Post follows the military careers and family lives of a British army unit in ‘60s Yemen during the North Yemen Civil War. Solomon Grey's soundtrack for the drama blends his signature epic electro-orchestral sound with influences from Arabian music. 

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