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Sofia Rei

Sube Azul

World Village

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Sofia Rei Koutsovitis Intro Sube Azul Subtitulada
Sofia Rei , 'Instante de vos'
Chongoyapana by Sofia Rei Koutsovitis
Sofia Rei Vocal Masterclass Usina del Arte 2017
Sofia Rei: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Sofia Rei The Stone NYC 2018 Residency (Teaser)
1 Coplera  
2 Sube Azul  
3 Cardo O Ceniza  
4 Instantes de Vos  
5 El Lio  
6 Las Cascaras  
7 El Mayoral  
8 Segundo Final  
9 Chongoyapana  
10 Imaginaria  
11 Jardines de Asfalto  
12 Entre Paredes  
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Sofia Rei Koutsovitis is one of New York's most passionate, charismatic and inventive vocalists, but she brings more than the depth and fullness of a riveting voice to her second album, Sube Azul. She also serves as the album's composer, arranger, lyricist and - with bassist Jorge Roeder - producer. Following up on Ojalý, her polyglot and multilingual debut, she offers this time a collection of mostly original Spanish-language songs, building on a new set of growth experiences since moving to New York in 2005.

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