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Solo Piano

The Cursor Club

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1 Waterfall
2 Anniversary
3 Walsinae
4 Anniversary II
5 Dusk
6 No Moon
7 City
8 Waterfall Walk Off
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Delicate without being fragile, Snowfall50's "Solo Piano" was recorded in Los Angeles on a 9 ft. grand piano picked specifically for it's dark and warm sound. Produced by Snowfall 50 and David Kreisberg, this melodic and evocative album was recorded and mixed by James T. Hill and mastered by Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The Cursor Club Label, known for it's enigmatic and anonymous electronic recordings (Crown Invisible, CC:Dome, Laurel, etc.), is proud to now release their first acoustic recording - Snowfall50's "Solo Piano."

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Direct: SiriusXM, Sky, Stingray
Markets include: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Berkeley CA, Orlando, Albuquerque, Tucson Hartford
Online: GURU, Live 365, One World Radio, Taintradio,

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