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Snack Cat finds 'Young Love' TODAY! / SOUL TRACKS:First Listen:

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SoulTrackers responded big time last year when we debuted the song "Leaving LA" by the New York-based collective, Snack Cat. Mixing elements of Yacht Rock with 80s R&B – and even a touch of jazz, the band consistently delivers high infectious pop/soul with strong instrumentation. They've become "go to" musicians for many of the soul and rock artists in the region, and are popular at music festivals.

The band's newest single, "Young Love," comes out today, and it is another tasty slice of accessible – though deceptively complex - music. The song was born on an L.A. rooftop, where guitarist and bandleader Aleksi Glick was ruminating on his first serious relationship back in college, and all of the passionate twists and turns it took.

The band deftly handles the number, and hands us another winner we're enjoying. For (February 21, 2020)  'Young Love' is the SOUL TRACKS: First Listen