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Sinikka Langeland

Wolf Rune


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1 Moose Rune  
2 Polsdance from Finnskogen  
3 Row My Ocean  
4 Kantele Prayer I  
5 The Eye Of The Blue Whale  
6 When I Was The Forest  
7 Kantele Prayer II  
8 Winter Rune  
9 Don't Come To Me With The Entire Truth  
10 The Girl In The Headlands  
11 I See Your Light  
12 Wolf Rune  
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Wolf Rune, the first solo recording in Sinikka Langeland's ECM discography, sheds new light on the multifaceted work of the Norwegian folk singer and kantele player. Few artists embody the spirit of place as resolutely as Sinikka and her songs, compositions, poem settings and arrangements reflect, in different ways, the histories and mysteries of Finnskogen, Norway's ‘Finnish forest', which has long been both her home base and inspirational source.

The new album incorporates rune songs, spells and incantations, religious tunes and traditional folk dances, as well as verses that testify to the interlinked nature of all things. This pantheistic spirit is echoed in Sinikka's choice of writers – from 13th century medieval mystic and philosopher Meister Eckhart (quoted and adapted on "When I was The Forest") to contemporary playwright and poet Jon Fosse ("Row My Ocean"). Langeland's own lyrics, too, have an almost shamanistic vibrancy as on "The Eye of the Blue Whale": "The eye of the blue whale/It was already here/we were without a body/ swathed in sinew, flesh and blood/we were without words." 

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