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Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo is used for "tuning in" to the divine flow and self-knowledge within each of us. It brings us out of the earthy frenetic energy to an inward focus. Shunia feels that the vibration that is created in the body while singing is centering and healing. It is believed that the mantra actually causes the energetical and physical bodies to change their inner vibrational frequency level, becoming more attuned with the divine energy.

As we were composing the music, Suzanne wanted to add the English translation words, "I bow to the divine wisdom, I bow to the Guru within." At first, Lisa resisted because she didn't want it to take us out of the hypnotic, mesmerizing feel of the music, but in the end we all agreed that the English words created another level of meaning.

We wanted to honor the ancient nature of this chant and the millions of people who have chanted these words all over the world for thousands of years. Fortunately, Shunia's producer, Jamshied knows several world musicians who play rare and ancient instruments. Their sound takes you to another time, to another world. It reminds us of how we as humans have stood on this earth for millennia and looked up to the heavens for understanding and wholeness.

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