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Seth Walker - Leap Of Faith
Seth Walker - 'Rewind' - In The Studio - WNKU
DittyTV interviews Seth Walker
Jammin at Hippie Jack's Americana Music Festival in Overton County, TN 10/20/2011
Seth Walker Performs 'Found Myself Lost' on The Crown Royal Texas stage
1 Can't Come With You  
2 Rewind  
3 Leap Of Faith  
4 I Got A Song  
5 Memory Pain  
6 Dig A Little Deeper  
7 Lay Down (River Of Faith)  
8 Lately I've Let Things Slide  
9 I Don't Dance  
10 Something Fast  
11 In The Dark  
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Seth Walker returns with his sixth and unquestionably finest record to date, Leap Of Faith. There couldn't, in fact, be a more apropos title. Intent on stepping up his game and exploring new musical territory, Seth took his hard earned Austin cred to Nashville; challenging himself to keep the grit of his Texas home, but spit-shine his songs just enough to reach wider audiences. He hooked up with Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter Gary Nicholson, a veteran at achieving exactly Seth's goals with artists like Chris Knight, Jimmy Thackery and Delbert McClinton. The resulting 12-track collection hits the nail squarely on the head, presenting the stunning range for which Seth has built his reputation, but refining it to a diamond shimmer.

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Blues Deluxe
Direct: XM/BB King's Bluesville
Markets include: Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Houst, Austin, Portland, Orlando, Salt Lake, Santa Fe
Online: Taintradio, Virus de Blues

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