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Seminarians of Saint Peter Wigratzbad

Sancta Nox

de Monfort Music

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Christmas Matins from Bavaria
The World Over September 30, 2021
1 Church bells Initium Domine labia mea aperies -Gregorian Chant  
2 Invitatory Christus natus est nobis- Gregorian Chant  
3 Hymn Jesu Redemptor omnium -Oreste Ravanello  
4 Responsory I: Hódie nobis cælórum Rex  
5 Lesson Isa. 40. 1-8 Consolámini  
6 Responsory II Hódie nobis de cælo  
7 Lesson Isa. 52. 1-6 Consurge Gregorian Chant  
8 Responsory III Quem vidístis, pastores?  
9 Lesson Sermon of St. Leo the Great Salvátor noster  
10 Responsory IV O magnum mysterium Cristobal de Morales  
11 Responsory V: Beata Dei Génetrix María  
12 esponsory VI: Sancta et immaculáta virgínitas  
13 Responsory VII: Beáta víscera Maríæ Vírginis  
14 Responsory VIII Verbum caro factum est Hans Leo HaBler  
15 Lesson (Homily of St. Augustine on John 1  
16 Te Deum laudámus  
17 Stille Nacht Douce nuit Silent Night Sancta Nox Franz Xaver Gruber  
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An international community of young seminarians that includes some of today's most skilled and committed singers of early choral music–presents ancient Christmas melodies anew, on the album SANCTA NOX: Christmas Matins from Bavaria, released by the Billboard Classical Chart-topping Label - De Montfort Music.

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul," said the Greek 

philosopher Plato. For centuries to come, perhaps no music would do better to fill the early sentiments expressed by Plato than that of the most solemn moments before midnight called Matins. The text of Christmas Eve Matins, as set to music, has served as one of the most expressive means for preparing for the Nativity. Reflected in SANCTA NOX: Christmas Matins from Bavaria, the Gregorian Chant, accented by the polyphonic harmonies, help to transmit a peaceful reality into the highest art. 

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