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Sebastian Plano

Save Me Not

Mercury Classics

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1 Agos 3:35  
2 Save Me Not 4:26  
3 A Present for a Young Traveller 3:10  
4 Obsequence 4:49  
5 Prelude to a Soul 2:47  
6 Soul I (Avow) 3:12  
7 Soul II (Elan) 3:40  
8 Soul III (Ylem) 5:43  
9 Never Learned 5:32  
10 Liv 5:58  
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Argentinian cellist, composer and producer Sebastian Plano releases new album ‘Save Me Not' today via Mercury KX. If his third (2019's Grammy nominated ‘Verve') was exceptional – a filigree of gently stroked strings, rippling piano lines and eloquent electronica, his fourth shifts things to a whole new level. Recorded at nights in his Berlin studio, it finds him going to unprecedented, even greater extremes to satisfy his urge to express himself through the creation of ensemble music alone.

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