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Sarah Neutkens

What Is Sarah Neutkens Thinking?

Decca Records
Release Date: February 17, 2023

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1 Bright_Edge_Deep  
2 The_Block_Split  
3 Wicklow_Also  
4 The_Plough  
5 Its_Low_Sills  
6 Hexagon  
7 Other_Echoes_1  
8 Other_Echoes_2  
9 Other_Echoes_3  
10 Other_Echoes_4  
11 Rigel  
12 I_Saw_A_Crowd  
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Sarah Neutkens (Eindhoven, 1998) is a composer, pianist, visual artist, model, art historian, and author. Both in music and other arts she always strives for total freedom. Adhering to strict rules does not appeal to her. She is not only active in classical music - her compositions have been performed by the Dutch Chamber Choir, the Dutch Saxophone Octet, the Intercontinental Ensemble and the Dutch String Collective - but she also establishes connections with jazz, pop music, literature and other arts and fashion scenes. This has resulted in fascinating cooperations such as an artist residency at Into the Great Wide Open and the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, articles in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and being appointed ambassador for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The present double album is Sarah’s. She composed and performed the piano pieces on one disc, composed the pieces for string quartet on the other. It resulted in precisely what the title says: What is Sarah Neutkens thinking? Well, this is what’s she’s thinking. She could tell all kinds of stories about it, but those stories would be fictitious. The music explains itself, the music tells its own story. That’s the nice thing about music.

Just give it a spin, this album. Feel them, these stripped-down and subdued sounds.

Feel the emotion, the melancholy, the chaos, loneliness and hope. Maybe you think nothing of it or maybe you might feel it creeping under your skin, but whatever you feel: this is exactly what Sarah wanted to say. This is what she’s thinking, in her heart. This is her story. Nothing more, nothing less.

Do what you want with it. Everything is open. All is allowed.

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