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Sara Shiloh Rae and Bluebird Junction

Canola Fields

Release Date: October 14, 2022

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Canola Fields by James McMurtry
1 Canola Fields  

Sara Shiloh Rae thinks the world would be better if everyone to listened to more James McMurtry . “If you don’t already know him you are in for a treat.” she says. “ He’s probably my favorite living songwriter. When he says ‘ cashing in on 30 year crush, you can’t be young and do that’ it just hits you in the gut.”

For Ms. Rae, McMurtry is the sound of raw hard luck, pick-up trucks and poetry, rustic roads, love stories that start 30 years after they should have, and scenes that could be a Hopper painting, only rougher. 

In this stunning cover of a modern day americana classic, Ms. Rae lends her trademark sublime vocals and oozes soulfulness. Max Hoetzel on guita has just the right touch of simplicity and subtle cool. Mike Robinson on electric guitar, pedal steel, and background vocals, John Fatum on drums and Myles Sloniker on bass lend a swagger that make this cover truly one of a kind.

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