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Sara Shiloh Rae and Bluebird Junction

Bristlecone Pine

Release Date: September 23, 2022

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Bristlecone Pine written by Hugh Prestwood
1 Bristlecone Pine  

The first time Sara Shiloh Rae heard Hugh Prestwood’s “Bristlecone Pine” was driving with partner, Max Hoetzel, down the San Marcos Pass, in a pick-up truck.

As Ms. Rae tells it “When that song came on, we both got quiet. Max pulled over and we paused at the shoulder of that narrow mountain road, the Pacific Ocean on our left. Cars zoomed past us. We let them zoom, just sat and listened to Eliza Gilkyson singing about this ancient tree. We both had goosebumps.”

“Max, being Max, immediately started researching bristlecone pines when we got home. He told me that they are some of the oldest organisms in the world, known for their resilience, now threatened by climate change. And me being me, I opened Facebook. That’s when I saw the post by Eliza. Actually, it was a GoFund Me. “

The GoFund Me was for Hugh Prestwood. Hugh, in his own words, was elderly and drifting towards homelessness. Through a combination of medical emergencies, rising living costs, and the changing market around the business of recording royalties, he and his wife were threatened with losing their home.

Ms. Rae continued “I’ve been alive in this world long enough to know that America can do this to anyone who hits hard times. And that being unhoused is not more awful when it happens to someone gifted than it is to someone ordinary. But it ate at me, and so I donated.”

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