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Ruth Hertz Weber, Emilia Lopez-Yanez

I HAD A DREAM - Songs of an Immigrant

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I Had a Dream
The Dreidel Sing Along
1 Mushrooms 3:10  
2 I Had A Dream 2:50  
3 I Am A Tree 3:30  
4 To Lauren 1:12  
5 Six Day War 2:12  
6 Dear Ruth 3:07  
7 Mayn Heym 2:29  
8 My Darling 3:58  
9 Back In Your Younger Days 4:22  
10 Why Am I Here 1:39  
11 The Dreidel Song  
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Mother/daughter team Ruth Hertz Weber and Emilia Lopez-Yañez venture off the beaten track to bring audiences a one-of-a-kind album that transcends generations; I HAD A DREAM - Songs of an Immigrant. This project began as a labor of love when Ruth set the poems of her late Grandma, Betty Karon Hertz, to music so that the story of her impoverished childhood in Russia, her daring escape during the Bolshevik Revolution, and her life as an immigrant in the United States could be forever memorialized.

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