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Ronn McFarlane & William Simms

Two Lutes

Sono Luminus

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1 Anon: Greensleeves  
2 Anon: La Rossignal  
3 Anon: Drewries accordes  
4 John Johnson: Trenchmore  
5 John Johnson: The Delight Pavan  
6 John Johnson: A Dump #1  
7 Marchant&Francis: Eccho or Allmane for 2 lutes  
8 Anon: Robin is to the Greenwood Gone  
9 John Johnson: Rogero  
10 Anon: Callinoe  
11 John Johnson: The Flatt Pavan  
12 John Johnson: The Flatt Galliard  
13 John Johnson: The Nuts be Brown  
14 John Johnson: The Queen's Treble  
15 John Danyel: A Fancy  
16 John Danyel: Passemezo Galliard  
17 John Dowland: My Lord Chamberlaine's Galliard  
18 Dowland: My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home  
19 John Johnson: Chi Passa  
20 John Johnson: Wakefield on a Green  
21 Thomas Robinson: A Fantasie  
22 Thomas Robinson: The Queen's Goodnight  
23 Thomas Robinson: Passemezo Galliard  
24 Thomas Robinson: A Plaine Song  
25 Thomas Robinson: Twenty Ways Upon the Bells  
26 Thomas Robinson: A Toye  
27 Anon: An Almayne  
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Sono Luminus is proud to release Two Lutes: Lute Duets from England's Golden Age, a wonderful collection of enchanting music performed by lute virtuosos Ronn McFarlane and William Simms. As stated by Ronn McFarlane, "Elizabethan lute duets yield the most companionable and friendly kind of music-making for the players. In equal duets each lutenist plays nearly the same music, alternating playing the melody and the harmonic accompaniment. It feels like a conversation, with each lutenist posing musical questions and answers throughout. Each player is free to improvise upon the written part, so the conversation can be very individual and spontaneous! On theother hand, in the treble-ground style of lute duet, one lutenist plays a single line melodic part (usually including some virtuosic passages) while the second lutenist plays a chordal accompaniment. Sometimes the chordal accompaniment is very simple and repetitive, and it is likely that a skilled player would vary his part to make a more musically satisfying accompaniment."

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