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Ron Davis

Symphronica - Instrumental Music Liberation Front

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Brahms for JB - adapted by Ron Davis/arr. Louis Simao
Meet Ron Davis
1 Slow Down (Kevin Barrett / arr. Kevin Barrett)  
2 Sergei's Shuffle - after Sergei Prokofiev  
3 Pin Y Panouche - after Django Reinhardt  
4 Brahms - after Johannes Brahms  
5 Bachzy - after J. S. Bach  
6 Torontango - after Astor Piazzola  
7 Canada's Passage Hill - after G. F. Handel  
8 Spatialism  
9 The Climb  
10 Dror Yikrah - with a nod to Igor Stravinsky  
11 Reel du Pointe-au-Pic (trad.)  
12 Roshymedre - with a nod to Ralph Vaughan Williams - (trad)  
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Liberate Instrumental Music! The history of western music is one of the instrumental living in harmony (ahem) with the vocal. A Beethoven symphony, a Verdi opera. Billie Holiday's Strange Fruit, Duke Ellington's Isfahan. The Beatles' Let It Be, Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man. But recently, instrumental music has gone missing. Become nearly invisible. Inaudible. In old media. In new. Words and music, yes. Music alone, no. 

Instrumental music must be restored to culture's apex. We need an Instrumental Music Liberation Front. SymphRONica to the rescue. This record is the opening salvo. A journey through the great fountainheads of the instrumental. Jazz meets classical musics (emphasis on the ‘s': European, Québecois, Sepahrdic, Manouche). Let musical freedom ring! Let Instrumental Music be Liberated!

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