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Roger Eno

the skies, they shift like chords

Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: October 13, 2023

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1 Chordal Drift  
2 Tidescape  
3 That Which Is Hidden  
4 Illusion  
5 Above And Below (Crepuscular)  
6 Through The Blue (Crepuscular)  
7 Mind The Gap  
8 Arms Open Wide  
9 Arms Open Wide  
10 Japanese Rain Garden  
11 If Only For A Moment  
12 Where Does This Lead Us  
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“Most of my pieces are snapshots of things that were experienced in the moment,” says Roger Eno. “How do you describe the world, unless it’s in an instant? You can’t fix anything because everything is in flux, it’s changing and mutable.” On the skies, they shift like chords, his second solo album for Deutsche Grammophon, Eno describes the world in a dozen musical watercolours based on spontaneous sketches, tracing an evocative and thought-provoking path through sound and silence. 
Following on from the critically acclaimed DG solo debut, The Turning Year (2022) and follow up tracks such as “Above and Below”, which has streamed over 19 million times,  the new album will be issued digitally worldwide, and in physical formats (except in the US), on 13 October 2023. Four of its tracks will be made available on DSPs over the next few weeks: “Strangely, I Dreamt”, with vocals by Cecily Eno, on 25 August, “Tidescape” on 8 September, “Chordal Drift” on 22 September and “Arms Open Wide” on 13 October. The album comes out on vinyl in the US on 17 November, with a two-track single (featuring the full instrumental and a solo piano version of “Strangely, I Dreamt”) released internationally on the same date. 

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